Friday night/Saturday Morning Thoughts

Forgive me…I have a bunch of things flying through my head, and I just wanted to write them down. This may end up being the most incoherent blog post ever.

Bulls: what the hell!? Lose to the NETS? In DOUBLE OVERTIME? Granted there were some crap calls (and no-calls) in the game, but how are you going to be the team that the 12-win Nets have TWO wins over this season? Sad. Of course I hope you make it to the playoffs to see some more basketball from my team, but at least make an effort and look like you want it! You can’t tell me that the Nets really cause THAT much of a match-up problem for you! You were lucky to even have squeaked by the 2011 Cavs (aka ‘sans Lebron’). Yet again, another lost opportunity to make up some ground, or even lead in the 8th spot of the Eastern conference. You’re better than that!

Fantasy Leagues: Won my NBA Fantasy League (C’MON SON!) with Jaz’s cousins and friends from California.


That’s right, I won by ONE MINUTE in the Minutes category. I’m glad I picked up some players (Ryan Gomes, Kyle Lowry, Anthony Morrow, and Vince Carter..yeah, that’s right!) to give me more stats on that last Sunday!

Joined a baseball fantasy league representing my site in the Clash of the Trading Forums league. I honestly don’t know what I am doing, but I am enjoying it, and enjoying baseball a little more.


Remember I won my Fantasy Football league too with my co-workers this past season. Could it be a clean sweep?

Running: If I run tomorrow (later today) I will have run 5 times this week Sun-Sat with 2 long runs (8mi on Sun, 9mi on Sat). I think I’ll be ready to run today, it just amazes me that I can actually run this much now. Even if I move my long run to Sunday, just to know I can run multiple miles multiple times a week is such a huge accomplishment! I hung out with my nephews tonight and Eli was talking to me about how he wants to run a 5K now because he saw his dad do it. I really want him to do it, because he says he feels happy or “pumped” when he runs. That’s how I feel too, buddy!
Twitter: I’m pretty sure I’m addicted now. I have come across many interesting people on twitter who help motivate me through my marathon training. It is actually a cool “little” (it’s not little at all) Chicago running community on Twitter. Many of them inspire me to become a better runner or at the very least, prepared for the marathon. Over 3000 tweets later, and I am finally admitting that I have a problem.

OK, I think my mind has been emptied out, and now I can sleep. Busy weekend and then where are we off to next weekend? Tell ’em Jay-Z, Alicia, and apparently Lil Mama

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