Patience Joey…Patience

Each week for the past 2 months I have been increasing my workouts, or the shots I take on the court, or the miles I log on the road.  In that time I’ve logged 138 miles of running that consists of interval runs, easy runs, long runs, and one race (Shamrock Shuffle).  This past Sunday, I hit my high mileage in one run for Mother’s Day – 12 miles.  The most I had run up to Sunday was 10 miles (which I had run twice).  I felt like I was ready for the 12 miles.  I had my carbs the night before and slept a full 8 hours.  I wanted to approach it like it was a race.  I woke up on time, had a banana and bagel, and let it all digest for an hour.  And then off I went.


First mile was horrific as usual.  Second mile was a little better.  Then something odd happened.  I had this very sudden wave of confidence.  Like I could push it a little bit.  Mile 3 was fast (for me) at around 10:40.  I still felt good after that, then I logged another sub 11-minute mile.  I stopped and walked because I know I needed it even though I wasn’t tired.  Mile after mile I was hitting 11 minute (or less) miles.  I was loving it! Then I finished mile 10, with two left going toward home.  Oh dear. The proverbial wall! The legs started to cramp slightly and I felt like stopping.  I was able to put my head down and push through this wall.  I realized I was tense so I kept telling myself to relax my muscles.  I was good to go.  11th mile done in 11 minutes, and the 12th done once again under 11 minutes.  My final time – 2:17…I was ecstatic!


I walked home pounding my chest knowing I had achieved something I had never done before.  I got home ready all ready to do my stretching.  Jaz made me eggs so I scarfed those down with some chocolate milk.  Started stretching and hurting in spots I didn’t know existed.  But one spot hurt a tad more than the rest.  The tendon behind my right ankle up to my calf felt like it was spasming.  It wasn’t super sharp pain, but very uncomfortable and unnerving.


I instantly went to the experts.  My running friends on Twitter! Probably the best explanation was from @MarathonBrian: “…you probably hurt your Achilles; a common injury for runners, especially when you increase your workload (pace, distance) in a short period of time before your body is used to it.” DAMN! I knew I was going to fast! (I normally average a 12min/mi pace).  I continued on with Mother’s Day walking VERY slowly everywhere I went.  My victory run was over-shadowed by this new injury.  Part of me was devastated because I felt like I was on such a roll, but part of me feels blessed.  Let’s be honest, I could have gotten hurt much worse!  Hopefully something like this with proper rest will pass.


I should have displayed more patience on my last run.  Now that I know I CAN get under an 11 minute mile, I don’t need to hit that again.  Not anytime soon.  So the next couple days, I will just rest and relax.  Let my body heal itself, drink lots of water, and just wait it out.  Now that I can’t run, I just want to run.  My ankle and achilles don’t feel right.  Maybe I need to see a doctor, but I will have to be patient with whatever I do.


Patience, Joey.  Just breathe and rest…

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  1. So proud of everything you've accomplished so far! Please take it easy for a bit! And it's not a bad idea to go see a dr!

  2. Thanks Vanessa! It's been quite a ride the past couple of years. And support from my friends and family is really what has driven me!

  3. Great run Joe! You have really come a long way – keep up the great work. I'm also impatient and have pushed too much, too soon. Ice that injury, stay off it for a week (maybe cycle or swim) and then slowly get back into it. The fact that you ran 12 miles shows you're on track for CM10!

  4. Thanks so much Kovas! It has been a great journey so far! I just hope i can recover quickly so I can get back out there! 🙂

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