Down but not out!

I went to the doctor today to find out that I have some tendonitis in my ankle/achilles area. It really isn’t that bad but the doctor suggested that I take it easy for two weeks. That means no high-impact activities, sadly that includes basketball and of course running! After the two weeks, I can ease back into my normal workout regimen. He did say I can participate in lower impact activities like walking, biking, and swimming. I am sooo going to be doing those things these next two weeks! One thing that COMPLETELY bums me out is that due to these new restrictions, I won’t be able to participate in the Soldier Field 10 Mile race at the end of this month. I was so excited to go out and finish my first long distance run! This will be the second time I will have to bow out of a race because of health issues (Hot Chocolate 15K ’09 – H1N1). I keep telling myself that this year is about the marathon. I am not training all hard to get up to a 10 mile race. I want the entire 26.2! And if I want it, then I have to know when to take a step back and let my body heal itself. Apparently, this is one of those times. I know it will be worth it in the end. And besides, I don’t have to wait much longer for another shot at a long distance race. I am registered for the North Shore 1/2 Marathon in mid-June. First thing is first. Get healthy enough and back in running shape after these two weeks, then get ready for that run.

Thank you for all the support on Twitter and DailyMile about my injury. There really is strength in numbers 🙂

In better news,’s “Marathon Miss Fit” has allowed me to adverstise my fundraising efforts on her blog! Thank you so much Connie for getting my story out about my dad! Here is the link: Running Feet, Helping Hands

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  1. You're soooo welcome! AHA is a great cause and I'm happy to help you get the word out on maintaining a healthy lifestyle- its something I really need to work on.

    Sorry to hear about your injury but luckily we're no where near Oct. so you have tons of time to get better, train more, and prepare! Good luck and make sure you rest that injury!


  2. Hi! I came via Connie's link! I am also running Chicago and the North Shore Half.

    I am sorry to hear about your tendonitis! Better now than the first week of October, right? 😉


  3. Connie You totally rock! I know you are going to do awesome this year with your training. Thank you for for the get well wishes. I hope to see you around to give you a hug or high five or whatever thankful gesture you are comfortable with!

    Kim Thanks for visiting. Connie is awesome, isn't she? Maybe we will run into each other somewhere during the two runs, although I'm sure you'll be completely cooled down, fed, and in the car already by the time I cross the finish line 🙂

    This is probably the "best" time for me to get injured. I was able to get two good months of training in, now I can re-evaluate my training plan.

  4. Joe, bummer about the tendinitis, happy to hear you're "taking it in stride." 🙂 Way to keep your eyes on the prize – CM10!

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