Live blog about watching the Apple Live blogs

1:40pm – No iPhone 5 announced.  Sad.  Pretty cool stuff announced today with the new iOS and iPhone 4S, but I don’t need to have it.

1:37pm – Sprint has been confirmed.  Wow, I can’t imagine how much this is about to blow up.  Wish I held out a year! Dang

1:34pm – iPhone 4S prices – 16GB – $199, 32GB – $299, 64GB – $399. About what I expected and will be available October 14! That’s a shock! (not really, thank you Japan store)

1:33pm – We almost missed a conference call because of this announcement.  I think Potter needs Siri!

1:31pm – It’s amazing how quick Engadget is with their feed.  Tons of pictures every refresh.  Kudos.

1:30pm – Looks like they’re done…but that can’t be it, can it?

1:26pm – I guess it would be good while driving so you can keep your eyes on the road.  If it could read back messages to you, now THAT would be cool.  Maybe in the next iOS release?

1:24pm – It would be funny if you could tell the iPhone 4S “Jailbreak yourself” and it does.  Hopefully they learned from Sony’s PSN debacle

1:20pm – I feel ridiculous when I am talking TO a device.  I mean, it’s ok if I am talking on a device to someone else, but I am not talking to a human and it is pretending like I am talking to a human.  It’s cool stuff, but just weird to me

1:18pm – I wonder what your iPhone 4S will answer if you ask “Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near?”

1:16pm – Voice recognition demo.  yeah, can’t really see how cool that is without a live video stream *twiddles thumbs*

1:13pm – Airplay/Wired mirroring – I love this feature already on iPhone – AppleTV.  That would be super cool for games! Angry Birds on a 50 inch TV? Yes please!

1:12pm – 1080p video recording.  Very nice.  Now I can record me breaking ankles in full HD!

1:10pm – I seriously need a haircut


1:06pm – Upgraded camera on the phone. Wow, 8megapixels and more light and faster capture.  I don’t know a ton about cameras but that sounds good to me.  Shoot the first picture in 1.1sec and then after that in .5sec shots.  Pretty cool

1:04pm – iPhone 4S will have BOTH GSM and CDMA.  Must be nice for the engineers to get together to make that one!

1:03pm – Oops…that’s the game will be available on Dec 1st.  Still waiting on release date of the phone.

1:01pm – iPhone 4S will be available December 1st.  Just in time for the holidays.  Can you imagine those lines?

12:59pm – The graphics on the game they are showing look amazing!

From engadget

12:56pm – iPhone 4S announced.  A5 chip in there nice! Dual core graphics, and 7 times faster than iPhone 4, wowza. I wonder how battery life will be? They got to address that, right?

12:55pm – White iPod touch announced, looks pretty nice.  iOS 5 on the iPods mean that you can use iMessage with people on iPhones.  Looks like I’ll be chatting with my niece more

12:50pm – iPod? Are they going to release another iPod?

12:48pm – iTunes Match: DRM free? Potter just rejoiced

12:47pm – Oh come on’re killin me!

12:44pm – “Find my friends” app looks…creepy.  I hope it is easy to change on the fly and that it is reactive or there will be a lot more couples breaking up in the world because of technology.  I still think Facebook would be king of that.

12:42pm – I can’t wait to see how iCloud work in real life.  It should be available October 12 along with iOS 5.  Perfect, I will still be in an ice bath recovering from the marathon.

12:41pm – Ooh…iCloud time!

12:40pm – I’m sick of seeing this

Screen Shot 2011 10 04 at 12 39 42 PM

12:38pm – Sorry I’m not fancy like gizmodo or engadget.  You gotta hit command+R on your Mac or F5 on your inferior PC

12:36pm – We are now looking for a rotary dial app for the iPhone 3g, what Potter has.  That’s right, a 3G! I can’t wait till he gets a new phone so I don’t have to keep hearing how slow his is. Be sure to look out for his new podcast – “You know what drives me crazy?”

12:33pm – I like the new Twitter integration.  I heard about this earlier, but it should be cool so I can spend less time on twitter so I can get more things on twitter

12:31pm – Potter just complained that he couldn’t comment on this blog.  Uh…look at the bottom where it says “LEAVE A COMMENT”. Must be user error.

12:29pm – iMessage! Nice.  I can’t wait to see what that looks like.  I need to get more friends with iPhones.  It was one of the only reasons I liked Blackerry when I had it for a while.

12:26pm – That cards app looks interesting.  Potter checked if that’s in the app store, and nothing.  Remind me to look for that later.













Thanks engadget! 🙂


12:23pm – Remember when that one dude on engadget was ustreaming one of the Apple events (I think for the first iPad) and everyone kept commenting on his mole.  That was mean.  Funny…but still mean

12:16pm – Time for yogurt. I really like Chobani Greek yogurt.  It’s real filling, and not as sweet as other yogurts.  Plus 28% of your daily value of protein.  Nice

12:12pm – I love how they always have to show numbers about how great they are.  YES! We get it! Apple is awesome…let’s just get to the good stuff.  Although the iPod having 78% of the portable music player market share is impressive

12:07pm – Damn…SPRINT on the Apple site already? I knew I should have waited a year to get one.  But I do like the web and phone option that AT&T has




12:04pm – For the record, I’m eating some chicken I cooked last night with some brown rice and BBQ sauce with some organic apples.  Pretty good actually.  Oh..APPLEs! It’s a sign!

12:00pm – I’m ready to go with my lunch and my MacBook to watch/read about this announcement