How to track me during the marathon

So I am trying to be somewhat easy to track during the marathon.  One great thing about being a slower runner is that you have a much better chance to see me on the course.  I just wanted to list a couple of different ways to follow me along the Chicago marathon course.  My bib number for the race is 30357

IMG 1633

Text tracking: Enter my bib number to receive texts when I cross 10K, 13.1mi, and 30K –  I have heard bad things about this way.  Like getting the text messages several hours after finishing

Runkeeper – I will have my phone with me and will start off a run keeper live session so you can actually see where I am on the course.  Once I start the workout, a link will be posted on both my Facebook and Twitter account.  Here is my Runkeeper profile in the meantime –

GroupMe – This will probably be the most interactive way to track me and cheer me on.  GroupMe is a mobile group text message app and I will be posting occasionally in there at a couple of water stops for updates on where I am, and my friends and family who will be watching can tell you where they have seen me.  If you want to be added just send me a message on Facebook or Twitter with your cell phone number and I’ll get you in.  I do suggest you download the app if you have it available on your phone, it can get messy.

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