GroupMe chat from the Marathon

Michael PotterWay to go guys!Sun, 2:43pm

Jazmine JaoJoey will be at congress hotelSun, 2:42pm

Mike MaravillaAwesome job guys!Sun, 2:35pm

Jazmine JaoGood job guys!Sun, 2:34pm

Abby TumangNiiiiiiice job guys!Sun, 2:27pm

Chris CooperYay Joe and samSun, 2:26pm

Sam PaschkaFinished. Woo hoo!Sun, 2:21pm

Erick TumangHe passed 25 just about 3 minutes ago. No stopping.Sun, 2:09pm

Jazmine JaoWe are at roosevelt and MichiganSun, 1:52pm

Jazmine JaoGo sam!Sun, 1:52pm

Jazmine JaoGo Joey! I’m proud of u!Sun, 1:52pm

Abby TumangMe, E, & Joe are just north of Cermak on Michigan. Just past 25. If you could run like Phoebe the last mile, that would be awesome.Sun, 1:48pm

Mike MaravillaWoooooooot! Great job guys! Chris and I are waiting at the 200m mark. See you soon Joe!! Youre awesome!Sun, 1:46pm

Michael PotterWe love you guys! Bring it homeSun, 1:45pm

Joey JaoYou guys were so much help. A little over 2mi left. This is for all of you. I love you allSun, 1:44pm

Abby TumangLet’s go Sam. You’re so close! You got this…..Sun, 1:28pm

Sam Paschka3.2 left. My legs are mush. Pain is temporary?????Sun, 1:27pm

Chris MarianoLet’s go
Sun, 12:52pm

Chris CooperOnly 6 miles left? You totally got this brother.Sun, 12:48pm

Joey JaoStretching after 20. You guys are pulling ne thru thisSun, 12:47pm

Chris MarianoAwesome!Sun, 12:37pm

Michael PotterJoey Jao: About 19.5 still goingSun, 12:36pm

Chris MarianoAnyone know where Joey is? At the finish line bleachersSun, 12:35pm

Jazmine JaoGo sam and Joey!Sun, 12:33pm

Abby TumangWe’re across from won kow on wentworth. I think that’s 21. Go Joey! Go Sam!Sun, 12:33pm

Michael PotterGo Joe!Sun, 12:32pm

Abby TumangWe’re here man.Sun, 12:32pm

Joey JaoSam caught up with meSun, 12:31pm

Joey JaoAbout 19.5 still goingSun, 12:31pm

Michael PotterAt 12:17:57 pm, Joe Jao (30357), 30K, Elapsed Time: 04:28:58, Pace: 14:26, Est. Finish 2:32 pm (UNOFFICIAL)Sun, 12:19pm

Chris CooperLooking good guys. Keep it upSun, 12:19pm

Michael PotterAt 12:17:56 pm, Samuel Paschka (17561), 30K, Elapsed Time: 04:21:02, Pace: 14:01, Est. Finish 2:14 pm (UNOFFICIAL)Sun, 12:18pm

Jazmine JaoGood job Joey! Keep it up!Sun, 12:05pm

Tony JaoWalking down wentwoth nowSun, 11:59am

Joey JaoMy savior and pacer for the last 8Sun, 11:58am

Mike MaravillaU got this Joe! Ur the only reason I started getting off my butt to run again the last couple weeks. Well see u soon!Sun, 11:53am

Abby TumangBut only if it’s warmer than 45 degrees.Sun, 11:52am

Abby TumangDude you finish this, I’m running the turkey trot 5k. You heard it here first folks.Sun, 11:52am

Tony JaoJoey…YOU GOT THIS ONE BRO!Sun, 11:50am

Chris CooperI just heard on ESPN they agreed to end the lockout if you finish the marathon.Sun, 11:50am

Abby TumangWe’re here for you man.Sun, 11:49am

Abby TumangDon’t give up man. You’re looking strong.Sun, 11:49am

Chris CooperYou’re not gonna quit. You finished last year and you’re doing better this year. You got this.Sun, 11:49am

Joey JaoDon’t let me quitSun, 11:47am

Michael PotterIs Chinatown near funky town?Sun, 11:44am

Jun Jun JaoLooking good Joe!Sun, 11:43am

Jazmine JaoWe are on our to ChinatownSun, 11:43am

Abby TumangLook for big annie she’s by 18. Keep strong man!Sun, 11:34am

Abby TumangWe’re around 22. In chinatown.Sun, 11:32am

Joey JaoMile 16Sun, 11:31am

Joey JaoStill no hiding from the sun. Slowing down more. Sam should catch me soonSun, 11:30am

Tony JaoThis is for you Joey!Sun, 11:22am

Joey JaoNo shade in this stretch. Draining me fast but still feel good and positiveSun, 11:20am

Joey JaoWalking more depending on HR. Spiking to 170 too often. Gonna be safeSun, 11:11am

Joey JaoThe UCSun, 11:10am

Mike MaravillaGaahh chris said I just missed u at the half Joe…keep it up! trying to catch up to uSun, 11:08am

Abby TumangDid we miss you Sam? we have ice.Sun, 10:57am

Sam PaschkaAll downhill from here. Go Joey!!!Sun, 10:55am

Abby TumangNice job guys…good pace….Sun, 10:54am

Chris CooperGood job Sam. Keep it upSun, 10:53am

Michael PotterAt 10:52:34 am, Samuel Paschka (17561), HALF, Elapsed Time: 02:55:39, Pace: 13:24, Est. Finish 1:58 pm (UNOFFICIAL)Sun, 10:53am

Abby TumangLooking good..Sun, 10:46am

Abby TumangWardrobe change, banana, some ice, and he’s back off!Sun, 10:46am

Michael PotterAt 10:40:18 am, Joe Jao (30357), HALF, Elapsed Time: 02:51:20, Pace: 13:05, Est. Finish 1:52 pm (UNOFFICIAL)Sun, 10:41am

Chris Cooper13:05 pace at the half Joe. Nice workSun, 10:41am

Tony JaoJust saw him…looking good! He’ll be at St. pats soonSun, 10:38am

Tony JaoIt’s your race Joey!Sun, 10:35am

Joey JaoTaking it slow. Don’t worry I’m goodSun, 10:33am

Jazmine JaoOk we are Adams at DES plainesSun, 10:28am

Tony JaoWe’re at Adams and Union StationSun, 10:26am

Chris MarianoJust saw Joey at Mile 12. Looking great!Sun, 10:26am

Chris CooperGood!Sun, 10:08am

Joey JaoTook some shot blocks. Hope that will carry me to 13. Will do gel at 13Sun, 10:05am

Abby TumangAwesoe dude. Ps my tweets for you are awesome. LolSun, 10:04am

Joey JaoAlready feel better than last yearSun, 10:04am

Joey JaoSaw JR Oseste at the water stopSun, 10:04am

Joey JaoJust past mile 10. Found my 2nd windSun, 10:03am

Jazmine JaoGood job! At the right side where the church is atSun, 9:58am

Joey JaoThanks everyone.Sun, 9:48am

Joey JaoHR got up to 170 decided to walk a little moreSun, 9:47am

Chris MarianoDoing great Joe! At the 12 mileSun, 9:47am

Joey Jao15k leg tightened up. So I stretched. Feel betterSun, 9:46am

Michael PotterNo prob.Sun, 9:36am

Abby TumangPotter if you can send those updates when you can so I can update his twitter. My text app isn’t working…thanks!Sun, 9:33am

Jazmine JaoOh goodSun, 9:25am

Chris MarianoNice!Sun, 9:23am

Chris MarianoOver at Addison?Sun, 9:23am

Tony JaoJust saw Joey!!!! He looks good!Sun, 9:22am

Michael PotterAt 9:16:06 am, Samuel Paschka (17561), 10K, Elapsed Time: 01:19:12, Pace: 12:45, Est. Finish 1:31 pm (UNOFFICIAL)Sun, 9:18am

Michael PotterAt 9:04:33 am, Joe Jao (30357), 10K, Elapsed Time: 01:15:35, Pace: 12:10, Est. Finish 1:07 pm (UNOFFICIAL)Sun, 9:18am

Chris CooperGood 10k pace Sam. 12:45. Keep it up!Sun, 9:17am

Chris MarianoOver at mile 12. Did he pass there yet?Sun, 9:16am

Jazmine JaoOk did u see himSun, 9:15am

Tony JaoWere at the corner of Addison and broadwaySun, 9:12am

Chris MarianoWhere is the 10k marker?Sun, 9:06am

Chris CooperOfficial pace from marathon txt for first 10k is 12:10 for Joe. Nice work manSun, 9:05am

Chris MarianoSee you at the half way Joey!Sun, 8:53am

Michael PotterSmokin it Joe!Sun, 8:52am

Tony Jao11:09 pace! We’ll be watching for you bro!Sun, 8:52am

Joey JaoI’ll be on the right sideSun, 8:50am

Joey JaoMile 5 still goodSun, 8:50am

Tony JaoJoey: great pace! Average pace is 10:52 per RunkeeperSun, 8:36am

Jazmine JaoOn my way to 1/2 way markSun, 8:34am

Michael PotterWay to go buddy!Sun, 8:29am

Joey Jao5k done feel goodSun, 8:29am

Chris CooperGood luck guys! Run your race.Sun, 8:10am

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