Goodbye Ian

The last post I wrote in this blog was about a co-worker that retired. Sadly today I am writing about a co-worker who took his own life this past weekend.

I don’t know all of the details of that night so I will not speculate and make up anything. All I know is that Ian was 41 years old, had a girlfriend, and now is gone.

Sadly I did not know much about Ian. Since he worked in Alabama in our home office, it’s not like I could go out and have coffee with him or grab dinner or something like that. What I did know was that Ian was incredibly intelligent and knew his stuff. We didn’t cross paths often for work, but when we did, it was normally me asking him a question. He always had the answer. Like I said, he knew his stuff!

Part of me wishes I knew more about him. I now daydream that maybe I could have developed a friendship with him and possibly helped him.

I can’t pretend to imagine the pain, confusion, and anger that friends and family of Ian are experiencing right now. I have had them in my thoughts and prayers over the past few days.

The past couple of nights before I fall asleep I have thought about Ian. I think about what his last thoughts were, what he could have been feeling that last night, why he thought that THIS was the only option. No one will ever know what happened that night. No one can answer these questions. The one person that could is now gone and it just does not seem fair to the people who still are here and still care for him.

I pray that the people that were left behind can someday find peace.

If you have a moment, please pray for the soul of Ian, and for his friends and family to give them strength during this very tragic time.

If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please go seek help. Take a look at this website for help ->;

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