Justine – 6/1

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Visitors: Papa (Buddy), Mom (Luchie), Tita Mina, Rochelle, Jay, Chloe, Alyssa, Tory

6pm -Second seizure. Once again, while we were trying to change her.  Oxygen did not drop again to any alarming values, but once again, it did take her longer than usual to recover from it.  I am guessing it has to do with the recent surgery, but it is definitely something to keep an eye on the next couple of days.

3pm – Second chance at feeding with the nurse. She looked extremely comfortable throughout the entire feeding. She only took 5mL which is ok because it is better than nothing. The nurse reassured us that at this point it is about quality not quantity. We have been patient up to this point so we can wait more for her.
1:35pm – seizure. We were trying to change her and then she had it. Oxygen dropped down to 78. Nurse said to just put her in her side and hold her and don’t say anything and let it pass. I hate these things.

12:30pm – The nurse tried to feed her with a bottle. She was wide awake but not interested so we just NG feed her while we held her. Lolo Papa and Lola Luchie act a fool around her. Lol
7am – Called NICU to see how Justine did last night. Only one oxygen dip due to spit up.