Justine – 6/2

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Visitors: Mom (Luchie), Papa (Buddy), Mom (Remy), Tony, Daniel, Eli, Jay, Rochelle, Chloe, Alyssa, Jun, Christian, Emile, Tony (SS)

7:10pm – Seizure #2. I was holding Justine and she was completely relaxed and asleep. When I tried to put her back in the crib she got flustered and seized pretty quickly. Much like the earlier one. She recovered a little quicker this time around although it seemed a little more intense. No levels dropped

6:10pm – After a pretty uneventful day Justine had a seizure right before the nurse tried to feed her with a bottle. This is now the second time she seized during an attempted feeding. Stats stayed stables except HR which went up to about 200.

5:55pm – Learned a new hold
8:25am – Called NICU to see how she did last night. She had 3 seizures throughout the night. Only one time her oxygen level dropped but she was able to recover on her own. That really saddens me. I wonder how often she goes through the night having seizures like this. It scares me that it has kind of picked up again over the past couple of days, but I am hoping it is happening because of the surgery recovery and not because she has “outgrown” the phenobarbital.

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