Justine – 6/12

Visitors: Papa (Buddy), Mom (Remy), Jun, Jay, Chloe, Alyssa

Weight – 7lbs 3oz

5pm – It was my turn to try an feed her. She seemed to be super comfortable while she was feeding. She only ended up getting like 2mL because she was still a little riled up from the physical therapy. I didn’t want to force her to eat so I pulled back when the stridor started acting up.

4:15pm – Physical Therapist came in to see how Justine would do on her feet and sitting up. It was super cute when the therapist lifted her up and she tried to walk and step on her own. The PT said she did well and did what she had hoped.

3:30pm – Nurse Amanda showed us how to perform CPR on an infant. 30 compressions and 2 breaths. We are thoroughly terrified.

2pm – Jaz was able to feed her 15mL by bottle and she took the rest thru the NG tube.

11:30am – Speech therapy came in to see how she was feeding. She ended up taking 20mL. The therapist said we can increase her feeds by bottle to 30mL three times a day, and the rest will be NG tube fed. She said we will probably do the swallow study next Monday to give her more time to practice feeding with the bottle.

8am – called NICU to see how Justine did last night. She did have one seizure last night. Her oxygen level did not drop enough to have a nurse administer an oxygen mask.