Jaz’s Birthday/NYC Half Race Week!

Can it be Thursday night already? We leave then to head to New York for the NYC Half Marathon and more importantly, Jaz’s 30th Birthday! We’re going up there to meet up with Jaz’s sister, Jessica as well as Jaz’s parents who are flying in from San Francisco. My mom is going to be flying in with us on Thursday night as well. This will be the first time my mom has come with me and Jaz on a trip together. We wanted to take my mom because I know she is just itching to go out and travel a little more. I’ve been wanting to take her to see the world more since she never got the chance when my dad passed away. I thought New York would be the perfect opportunity to enjoy a vacation with her favorite son! Plus, she had never seen me race before. I am pretty excited about that aspect of the trip. Out of the people that will be there with us, only Jessica and my mom have not seen me run a race before. And what a perfect opportunity than in the streets of New York! I am hoping to see them somehow in Times Square and then again at the end. I am hoping Jess can navigate them through the subways of NY to get to those spots.

Other than the race we are planning to catch a show (maybe Memphis), the women will do plenty of shopping, and of course we will be chowing down on a good amount of NY eats! My cousin got us some suites in the Affinia Manhattan. If it is anything like the Affinia in Chicago I will be happy. Jaz and I stayed there last year when I ran my first Shamrock Shuffle and loved it there!

If you have any suggestions on what spots to hit in NY let me know!