So I’m a day late on my Thanksgiving list of things I am thankful for this year. I’ll start with the usual things I am happy about every year. I am thankful the family I have been blessed with and the patience and love they have taught me. Thank God for the warm beds we sleep in and the food that obviously fills me up everyday. I am happy that I do still have a steady job however many times we change the actual name of the company. I am glad for my health although I should definitely take care of it more often. And of course, my friends who have always been there through every step of the way. And now to the newest addition to the list…I am extremely grateful for finding the one person who will put up with my dumb jokes but take care of me when I need them. For finally marrying the one I was meant to be with. I am thankful for my wife.

I’m sure I have a lot more to be thankful for but I can’t think of it all right now…besides, I make sure I show how thankful I am more than saying it.

Looking for homes and strikes

After work Jaz and I went to go look for houses again with a different real estate agent. One of her co-worker’s daughters. She was nice but we were looking in pretty shady areas around Des Plaines. We did see one place that we liked in Niles that was nice. On the 5th floor a good amount of room and a crapload of parking for guests. It made the “to be considered” list.

After 2 hours of looking at condos we met up with Joe at the bowling alley. And he proceeded to watch me lose to my wife at bowling, TWICE! In the second game she had two strikes late in the game, pretty much putting the icing on her victory cake. How embarassing. Just so you know hun…next time we play NBA 2k7, there will be no mercy 3 pointers by Tyrus Thomas for you to catch up.

We then decided to go to Krispy Kremes for a night cap. Joe got pulled over because he supposedly cut off a cop…who the hell would cut off a cop? Joe always told me he always acts like a jerk to cops…and I can say that he did, in fact, act like a jerk. When we were waiting in his truck another cop on my side kept looking in the window for anything suspicious. Not a thing. The whole time Joe was all like “Bored ass cops…F*ckin bored ass cops”. The cop came back and tapped on the window and told him, “so you know, I didn’t pull you over because I was bored”. I was like “whoa”…it’s like the cop in that TV show Heroes! Kinda looked like him too. He ended up letting Joe off with a warning. Yeah…because he was WRONG! Nice. Anyways we still got Krispy Kremes…probably didn’t need it, but we got it.

Off to sleep now, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My thanksgiving list will be posted tomorrow. I would like to start it off with a thank you to the Simmons company for making such a wonderful bed. Good night Zion…

To the Bulls: I’m still waiting

I’m waiting for you guys to finally break out and starting running teams off the court. Is it simply a question of chemistry? You all need to learn to play the first 3 quarters of a game…and not just the last 2 minutes of the game. And how are you going to let JR Smith drop 30+ points on you? You’re a team of defense, that is what you are good at. And while I’m ranting, please find someone else to do the color with Tom Dore. Stacey King and his sausage fingers got to go! He doesn’t have a sportscaster voice and doesn’t really add anything to the game. Hire Erick or something…actually no, that would hurt everyone’s ears. Back to the Bulls, you’ve had about 3 games you should’ve won. So I guess it must be that west coast circus trip. I guess I’ll have to wait longer. You have Philadelphia and New York twice in the next week…seriously, that should be 3 wins. Don’t let us down…

“Kramer” goes crazy

I think Michael Richards has just lost it. I just watched the video of him go on a racist tirade at some hecklers in his audience. It was definitely one of the most awkward and uncomfortable moments caught in comedy. Although I don’t know the entire story of what happened, that event pretty much ended his career. There’s going to be a lot of press about this and everyone will remember how he acted in front of an audience. I can see it now, people boycotting his work whether it be films or Seinfeld DVD sales…this won’t be good. I hope you enjoyed your career, Kramer.

Guess who’s back…

So I’m going to be using to try and keep up with my blogs now. I will see if I can import all the rest of my blogs somehow into it. But in the meantime, a whole new blog for you all!

So it is now 1:09AM and I can’t sleep. It’s either because of the coke I drank at dinner or the 3 hour “nap” I had after getting back from shopping. Either way I am here now.

The weekend was quite eventful. I ended up being sick somehow on Thursday and Friday. I went home early from work, and then BAM! Knocked out! Had a 100.1 fever and was completely immobilized. Of course, there was a lot of movement to the bathroom, but that might be a little too much for you to handle. We stayed in Friday night for my recovery. I think we attempted to watch a movie or something, but I was just simply too miserable to do anything. Jaz took care of me like she always does and by Saturday I was fine.

Saturday morning I went to the card show at Rosemont. Big as usual…and not as many basketball cards as I would like. They never have enough basketball for me. I’ve been saving for a while and was going to buy either a Lebron SPA RC Auto, or a Ben Gordon Exquisite patch RC auto /99…no dice on either one. So I just ended up buying boxes, and getting caked as usual. Ah well. I met up with Erik from HobbyKings and his girlfriend and walked around the whole time. They were a nice couple. I’m glad Jaz didn’t come because she would’ve been absolutely bored out of her mind. Top pull of the day? SPGU dual auto of Bernard King and Quentin Richardson *gag*

After the show I picked up Jaz and started off our Christmas shopping. After 2 malls we are about 60% done. It’s nice to have that feeling! Still need to get a couple family gifts, namely the ones for my nieces and nephews. That’s always a blast! What do kids like nowadays? I don’t think Big League Chew and Pop Rocks are considered cool gifts anymore.

After shopping we went to Lania’s place for a dual birthday/housewarming party. The place looked great, and I commented on how I loved the new bathrooms there [not the functionality of them, but the new design]. They prepared a crap load of finger food, which in all honesty I am not used to. Don’t get me wrong, it was all delicious…just not used to it 🙂

We talked with Diana and Noel for about an hour and we bounced over to Erick ans Abby’s house. They had people to watch the Paquaio vs Morales fight. Man, Paquaio is such a bad ass. Broken English and all, the boy can fight! It was probably the most entertaining three rounds of boxing I’ve ever seen. It was like how boxing is in a movie. We finished the night with some Guitar Hero II and some Friends Scene It [which I was killed on].

This morning we woke up and started off our day with 6 viewings. We met Julie [real estate agent] for the first time…she was very nice and helpful. We looked at some places in Skokie, Glenview, and one in Morton Grove [which we actually saw already]. We really liked one in Glenview, so that is a front-runner for now.

After about 3 hours of driving around and looking for places we were finally done. We ate at Jimmy Johns and walked it off in Best Buy. Surprisingly no purchases. I’d love to get Guitar Hero, but it doesn’t come on XBOX yet. I’ll wait for that one I guess. Got home fell asleep and then woke up to go to the Vigans’ 30th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it was 5 years ago since their 25th. There’s something comfortable about being with such good friends. It’s just all so easy to laugh and have a good time. I could see it with Uncle Tony and Auntie Myrna and their friends, and then us with ours. How lucky we are…

1:35am – wow, longest blog ever. I’ll try to sleep.

It’s been over FOUR months since I have written in here. And may I add, a LOT has happend since then. I have been working for Zurich Life for the past 3 months now, and I have been quite happy here. I guess that is why I haven’t been around to write in here. But everyday I feel the need to write..maybe nothing creative, but at least to get out on paper..or hard disk, or whatever. Even after 4 months, some things never change, I still miss Jaz more each day, I still need to work out, I still cherish my family and friends. I guess that kind of stuff is constant. Lately I have been tested with friendships and all, and I wonder what it all means. I feel like I can give more to my friends now than I ever could, cuz I have more money, but it doesn’t feel as good as I thought i would. Money really doesn’t make you happy…I only thought that people who DIDNT have money would say that. But it’s true. I take my friends out to eat, buy them nice things, take them out, you name it…but it’s just not the same feeling I had before. Maybe it was teh whole singing thing or something..but I feel a void in my life. I don’t know what it is or where it came from. The fact that Jaz is so far away doesnt help matters at all. When I need her to be here…she can’t and that’s how it’s always gonna be. I wish it wasn’t but what am I to do? I can’t move there and she can’t come here…I hope the answers come soon…


I haven’t written in here since I left to California. Well I an right now in Jaz’s house about to go to sleep in the guest room. The reason I entitled this post with what I did is because that is what has been running around my head the last week or so. I know that I am completely happy when I am with Jaz but its always so temporary. When I am away from her, I am still happy, but not as happy. Someday I want to make this all permanent, but how do I do that? Her family has very strict strong values so nothing is even possible about her living in Chicago. And I don’t think that I can move out here, I have no future here. I just hope that someday she can come to Chicago. There has to be a future for me and her. She has loved me thru so much. When I was in a singing group, when I was in school, when I graduated, when I was thinner, when I was bigger, thru stages of my hair, thru all my problems…she was still there. And I hope that she can say the same for me. I pray for our future…I pray that WE have one.

So i DEFINITELY win bonehead move of the year! I’ll summarize the events up to this point real fast. Last you herad from me I was going to go to Hooters with Mike and Erick. Well we went, with Abby, Tracy, and Tracy’s teammates from cheerleading. After that the teammates left and I was left with the two couples which was the reason I didn’t want to go in the first place but whatever. The two couples and the ‘fifth wheel’ (myself) went to the arcade for a bit to look for DDR, no luck. We then decided to go bowling. Abby’s sister and her sister’s fiance met us at the bowling alley. I was then bumped to 7th wheel. Luckily, Joe Kho and a few of Abby’s friends met us there so I didn’t feel so uncomfortable. And then it happend. TWO frames in a row I slipped, and on the latter one I twisted my ankle. Don’t ask me how I did it, but I did it somehow. I can’t believe I turned my ankle, especially now that I am trying to be all health conscience and trying to excercise. DAMN! Well, everything happens for a reason. I need to go rest.

I’m just waiting for this nyquil to kick in and knock me out. I’ve been sick for about 3 weeks now and now my ribs are starting to hurt from coughing so much. It feels like they are bruised or something. Can ribs get bruised?? I don’t know. So my main thoughts of the day consisted of two things. 1.) I MUST GET BETTER 2.) I MUST GET A JOB. And it doesn’t matter which order. I know that I am destined to succed. I remember at DeVry I heard someone said that I was a ‘kiss ass’. This was someone that I thought was a cool. Little did I know that he was bad-mouthing me behind my back. I know there are more people out there who won’t like me because of who I am. Too bad for them.

The Real World

So THIS is the real world everyone always talks about? I may not know much about anything. but I feel that I will be quite soon. I just graduated 2 days ago and already I feel the pressures of this world. Do you think I’m going to make it? Well, I’m not sure if any negative opinion of me holds water around here, near me. I’m going to make something of what God gave me almost 22 years ago. You still don’t think I will, then you’re in for a surprise. I hope yall ready for what I have to offer, ‘cuz I know I’m ready to show it.